Group C.E.O’s message

AL-Kamil Group are committed to being a good corporate citizen nationally, regionally and especially in the communities where we have existing projects, sales facilities or offices.the holding contributes in several social and charitable organizations involved in education, children environment and conservation. This multi-million rand effort has provided innumerable benefits including literacy education, scholarships, rehabilitation, healthcare, civil rights support, environmental conservation, and housing.In reality,

AL-Kamil Group is not in the business of making money, rather than simply laying the groundwork to building a solid foundation of this institution with utmost care and vision for the upcoming generation of our family, while preserving the values bestowed upon us from our predecessor.

I am proud to have a team of professionals with solid backgrounds and high business ethics. We open and welcome any idea that would help us grow and help our family group. We continuously try spread in our group, less than one leadership, a corporate spirit that permanently evolves with today’s fast moving world.

The list is long – and we hope and  pray that it keeps growing as we see our dreams come true.

W. El Hariry.
AL-Kamil Group C.E.O